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  • Dearborn, MI, United States
Oct 24, 2022  
yber Security Consultant/Expert #891627 Job Description: Lead Threat Assessments and help teams identify appropriate mitigations to secure new designs Identify vulnerabilities, assess impacts and likelihood, and communicate appropriate countermeasures Develop and mature processes to ensure high level of cybersecurity assurance in company products and services Develop in-depth understanding of the company connected vehicles from cloud to embedded component Collaborate with Product Development and Connected Systems professionals to understand their requirements and overall business needs Collaborate internally and externally to identify new and novel data sources and explore their potential use in developing impactful business insight Work with suppliers and product teams to foster development of disturbed security work products Skills Required: 4+ years of experience in cybersecurity, software, automotive, hardware and/or embedded domains...
FastTek Global Dearborn, MI, USA