Parkland Heath and Hospital System
  • Dallas, TX, USA

As one of the largest public hospital systems in the country, Parkland Health & Hospital System is dedicated to providing valuable health and well-being services to those entrusted to our care. When you embark on a career at Parkland, you join a team of engaged employees driving great service and excellence in patient care. You have the opportunity to apply your skills and advance your career goals. We blend cultures, talents and experiences into an exemplary health and hospital system. Your meaningful career starts at Parkland. What’s special about Parkland goes far beyond the impressive numbers—or even the state-of-the-art facilities. As the community hospital for Dallas, Parkland’s tradition of providing exceptional care stretches back for over a century.

Today, many of Parkland's specialty areas have garnered national praise for excellence in care, research, and technological innovation. Every step of the way, our talented professionals have maintained the highest standards of service and performance, recognizing the intrinsic worth of each patient and the importance of every interaction.