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Four Guidelines To Career Planning

Congratulations! You have chosen a career and are now going to school. You will be out soon, so it is time to start planning your career in more detail. Here are four steps that you need to follow once you get a job.

1. Find a mentor – There is a difference in someone giving you advice and mentoring you. Mentoring takes a lot of time and effort on both sides. You and your mentor should have excellent communications skills with similar goals. It is up to you to implement the ideas given to you. If things are not working out, talk to your mentor and determine the problem. 2. Join associations -It is very important to join associations in your industry and meet (eyeball to eyeball) will others in your field. This is where you will hear news not heard anywhere else. Some will be just gossip but at the same time you will be getting in on the grape vine. You can find out about that new sales manager that just joined your company or about companies hiring, laying off, going into chapter 11, etc. The more you learn about your industry the better. This will also get you out of your company and hear what other people in the field are saying about your company. It is important to make business friends in these associations so when you need a job or even some ideas you have a place to start. If you have time join some of the committees so other people see how you work. This also lets you know how others work. 3. Find associates on Linkedin - Linkedin is a great area to find contacts, see articles, and learn about what is current of the business. It is a great way of finding other people outside of your area and learn about other companies. 4. Saturate your senses – The best way to really learn about your new career is to saturate your senses. What this means is you have to eat, sleep and live your industry. Meet with people off hours, join Linkedin groups, start discussions and comments on others discussions. The best way to look for current articles is to create a Google alert process for your industry.

The more you learn about your industry, the better chance you have in quickly growing your reputation and career. Use these four simple guidelines and work at your career and you will end up being a superstar in your industry.

Jim Stedt is a partner at The Business SoftSkills Company (GetSoftSkillsNow.Com) located in Santa Ana, California. They provide job readiness and workforce success videos for education, business, prisons and individual use. Training is available online, on DVD, or through an affiliate program. These products are the most complete and concise soft skills training packages now available for the price of an average college textbook.